Young Professionals Symposium

PPPS2019 will host a symposium for Young Professionals at the conference hotel on Wednesday, 26 June 2019, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. The symposium will consist of two consecutive panels of established professionals willing to provide information in a Q&A format that will be helpful to folks early in their careers.

Funding Panel

The first panel will focus on Funding: ways to get funding for your research, what kind of funding agencies are out there, what are restrictions common to these agencies, what kinds of things they look for in proposals, etc.

Speaker Affiliation
Vyacheslav (Slava) Lukin NSF
Nate Lockwood AFOSR/EOARD
Nirmol Podder DOE/OFES
Mark Sinclair AWE

Employment/Careers Panel

The second panel will focus on Employment and Careers: what are the different types of careers available (academic, industrial, government), how to compare the details of different job offers, what things are important to focus on, etc.

Speaker Affiliation
Rebecca Seviour University of Huddersfield
David French Lam Research
George Laity Sandia National Labs
Nick Jordan University of Michigan
Ricky Ang Singapore University of Technology and Design

Each panel will have 45 minutes to answer questions from the audience, guided by a moderator. Heavy appetizers will be available for the participants.

The PPPS 2019 Young Professionals Symposium is organized by Dr. William White (Sandia National Laboratories), Dr. Brad Hoff (Air Force Research Laboratory), and Dr. Matt Gomez (Sandia National Laboratories). As the conference approaches, we will have more information available on this site – and if you have any questions, feel free to email

Job Posting Board

A Job Posting Board will be made available for participants in the conference! We will have a poster board set up near the meeting rooms, where prospective employers—including those in industry, the national labs, and universities—may put up active job openings. Individuals looking for a new career may peruse the postings and contact members of the recruiting teams that are present at the conference – as is convenient for both parties!

About IEEE Young Professionals

IEEE Young Professionals

IEEE Young Professionals is the group of IEEE members and volunteers who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years. It is an international community, whose members are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers locally and giving back to their community. Since it encompasses all members from recent university graduates to experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, the group is highly diverse in what it has to offer.